SaGA Production - Sarajevo


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Our producer, Ismet Nuno Arnautalić, has started a project  “Daily Dose of Sarajevo”. Every day, he films the streets and the people of Sarajevo and posts the footage on Facebook. The project is intended for Sarajevans, who have left for various reasons, but who still have a strong desire to maintain their bonds with Sarajevo.

With great pleasure we present you the brand new commercial video directed by Jan Radt from Stuttgart, produced by "R.evolution" with the help of our "Saga" production team from Sarajevo. Well known "GEBERIT" from Switzerland has for the first time decided to advertise their products in this way. Enjoy the video that was shot in Sarajevo, featuring 2 outstanding names from Germany Kai Eickermann and Amadei Weiland, as well as our own Edhem Husić.

© 2014 Ismet Nuno Arnautalic