SaGA Production - Sarajevo

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In 1990. SaGA was founded by group of professionals from the field of film, marketing and TV production. During a long-time work, SaGA has created a huge video archive having an extraordinary value and containing the documents about cities, historical monuments and testimonies on the BiH culture destroyed during the war. At the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo in April 1992, SaGA became a place of assembly of intellectuals, film professionals, artists and students, who, despite the war stayed in Sarajevo to preserve their way of life.
From the very beginning of the war, SaGa's teams were shooting everyday life in the streets of Sarajevo. During the siege of Sarajevo that lasted for 1425 days, there were more than 60 documentaries made.
In 1994, SaGA received FELIX, European Film Academy Annual Award for Documentaries for its work and production. Wim Wenders, President of the European Film Academy, on the occasion of the Felix award presentation ceremony, said that this award was granted to the SaGA group composed of film makers out of solidarity and admiration for an extraordinary work in the worst possible difficult circumstances.

After the war SaGA has continued with production of feature and documentary films.

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