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Born in Gacko, 1941. Graduated from architecture and urbanism studies at the Sarajevo University. Participated in more than a hundred projects working for the TV Sarajevo. He was a set designer for more than thirty TV dramas, eleven TV films, nine big TV series...
Participated in the  opening and the closing ceremonies of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984. as a main set designer for all the events at the Games.
He was a set designer of eleven feature films: "Do You Remember Dolly Bel", "Father on a Business Trip", "Life of A Worker". "Kuduz", "A Little Bit of Soul",
"Go West".... as well as a number of short films.
During the war he lived in Sarajevo working for SaGA on film, TV and video projects.
He died 2007 during shooting  new feature film.

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