SaGA Production - Sarajevo

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During its long-standing existence and work, SaGA has made several feature-length films, a great number of documentary films, commercials and a cartoons. For its films SaGA has won some of the most prestigious world and local awards. SaGA was cooperating with a large number of foreign partners and companies.

With our films we attended the biggest film festivals  such as the Cannes, Montreal, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Locarno, Tribeca - New York Film Festivals and alike.

Apart from the FELIX Award, which we received in 1994 for the war production during the siege of Sarajevo, we also won the highest plaudits from the B&H film-makers, who nominated the film "Totally personal" of the screenwriter and film director Nedzad Begovic, to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the nomination for the Oscar in the category: The Best Foreign Language Film in 2005.

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