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Born in Sarajevo  in 1929. Graduated History of Art at the  University in Belgrade. He writes critiques about film and art. He published  a number of books from that areas. His main professional orientation is directing  of short and feature films, for which he writes his own screenplays. He shot more than 40 short films, mainly documentaries, as well as long feature film "TWO PARTS OF THE HEART". His cycle of sociologically intonated films devoted to children  and young people particularly stands out, as well as number of films about cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He spent war years in Sarajevo, shooting films for Saga, TV Slovenia and Forum. Vefik Hadzismajlovic is one of the founders of  famous  Sarajevo's school of documentary films. For his films he has been awarded several times at the domestic and international film festivals: Oberhausen, Venice, Moscow, Belgrade, Kranj, Tuzla, Krakow, Berlin.
Vefik Hadžismalović died in Sarajevo in 2014.

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