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Born in 1939. in Sarajevo. Belongs to the generation that holds credits for the development of music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His greatest influence is as the producer under whose guidance legendary pop/rock groups from the 60's emerged. Among them, the most famous is legendary pop/rock group "INDEXI". His decision to stop recording the songs of foreign composers will be very important because, after that decision, the first domestic pop/rock songs appeared. He is the author of numerous songs that have been hits all over former Yugoslavia. The most successful amongst them was "WHERE DOES THIS SHIP GO" performed by many including SERGIO ENDRIGO, a famous Italian singer. He participated in numerous international festivals as the conductor, including three Eurovision Song Contest finals.
His project "MUSIC OF MOODS", produced both for the radio and TV, grabbed a great attention of the audience for presenting the classical music in a popular manner.
He composed music for TV dramas and short films. The most important feature films he wrote music for are: "THE SCENT OF QUINCES", "ADA", "LITTLE BIT OF SOUL", "AZRA", and "PERFECT CIRCLE".

Esad Arnautalić died in Sarajevo in Dec. 5 2016.

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