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Born in 1959. Graduated from comparative literature and philosophy studies. Writes poetry, novels and dramas. He published a collection of short poems "Tilt" and a number of short stories in different magazines. His novel "Trag zmajeve šape"( "The print of a dragon's paw") was published in 1995 in  Belegrade and has been published translation in Polish, Dutch, German and Greek, and also translated in Slovenian. Conceptual short stories collection Bandiera Rossa is published by Bosanska riječ, 2006).  Has done several radio dramas and adaptations for the Radio Sarajevo. Has been a collaborating journalist in several TV and film magazines. Occasionally works as a dialogue writer for the feature film scripts. Since 1981. he had been professionally engaged at the TV Sarajevo as assistant director, reporter and director. From the beginning of the war he had worked for the BH TV, and later for SaGA. The author of several documentaries and music videos and assistant or collaborator in several other SaGA's projects.
He lives and works in Holland. The novel "Bašta ukrašena flamingosima" ("The garden decorated by flamingos") is in preparation by Meulenhoff, Amsterdam.

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