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Born in Sarajevo, 1969. He graduated management from the Academy of Performing arts and Dep. of literature on  Faculty of philosophy in Sarajevo. He directed several documentaries and TV video clips. The important ones are: "Runway of Life" (1993), "Army, key of peace" (1994.) and "Miracle in Bosnia" (1995.)
His films have been shown in several international programmes and festivals - in Amsterdam, Montreal, Istanbul, Gothenburgh...
Directed many theatre plays ("Wall" and "Dirty Hands" by J. P. Sartre, "Rhino" and "King Dies" by E. Jonesco, "On Foot" and "Policemen" by Mrozek, "Tartif" by Mollier....), which have been performed all over Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany.
In June 2001, he made his first feature film titled "Remake". The film has been shown at the Rotterdam film festival as well as at the film festivals in Montreal, Istanbul, San Francisco..
His theater shows are presented all over the Europe. Dino directed “Tartif”, “Helver’s night”, “Adam Geist”, “Roberto Zucco” and many others plays which were acclaimed by public and critic.

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