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This is a documentary film about two colleagues - Mehmed and Vlado, who work at the undertaker's firm "BURIAL" in Sarajevo. One is the gravedigger and the other works in the dissecting room. Although their everyday life is linked to the dead, they are both the persons whose spirit and whose (particural) optimism is preserved. Their attitude and approach to everyday reality have different points of departure and destination. The only constant feature shared by Mehmed and Vlado, as well as by their colleagues, is their "empathy with those in mourning". This definitely leaves indelible scars on the psyche of both of them; that is why, according to statistic, their average life in retirement is about three years. Fortunately, or unfortunately, by the end of the day, the people dealing with this profession have never failed anyone.

Category: Documentary
Format: BETA SP
Duration: 21 min
Production date: 2006
Ismet Arnautalic / Nuko Grebovic
Cast: Mehmed Gluhovic / Vlado Karlovic
Ismet Arnautalic
Milenko Uherka
Nedzad Begovic
Nedzad Begovic

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