SaGA Production - Sarajevo

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The character of the film “Following the Traces of Sarajevo” is defined by the fact that Sarajevo, just like Jerusalem, is the only city where, next to one another, we find the temples of four religions – a mosque, an Orthodox and a Catholic church and a synagogue. Sarajevo is also a city and a museum of the epochs long passed. One of the most reliable traces and proofs of those bygone times are graves and cemeteries.

This film covers a 600-year time span, telling the tale of specific features of cemeteries of different confessions and emphasizing their uniqueness. Comparing its medieval tombstones, known as stećci, its Muslim nišans, its Jewish tombstones with the modern ones, we gen in insight into their deep mutual bonds and the interweaved influences of the medieval Bosnia on the country as we know it.
Category: Documentary
Format: HD
Duration: 34 min
Production date: 2012
Bogoljub Nikolic
Ismet Arnautalic / Nuko Grebovic
© 2014 Ismet Nuno Arnautalic