SaGA Production - Sarajevo


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This tim deals with the atrocities of war as portrayed by a film student who spends some time working as a medic. One of the duties he performed was to carry amputated limbs to the cremation furnace.
This is a film about the collective madness that engulfed Sarajevo. A one-armed boy is troubled because he can't make big, firm snowballs; a man who lost both legs demonstrates walking on his stumps... The film and the director's story help us understand the commotion and tumult that have occurred in the minds of Sarajevans.

Category: Documentary
Format: U-matic
Duration: 10 min
Production date: March / April 1993
Sound: Oliver Todorovic
Ismet Arnautalic / Ademir Kenovic
Cast: Srdjan Vuletic
Editing: Almir Kenovic
Ahmed Imamovic / E. Ferizovic
Screenplay: Srdjan Vuletic
Director: Srdjan Vuletic

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