SaGA Production - Sarajevo

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This documentary represents the reflection of Zdravko Gebo, a professor of the University of Sarajevo. Shots of the 1968. student demonstrations where he personally experienced police brutality are juxtaposed with images of the brutal reality of his shelled flat in Sarajevo in 1993. The atrocious images of war, such as blood on the hand of a dead child, expose the naivety of peace marches. Mr Grebos' personal experience shows how the policeman's truncheon is easily replaced or rather transformed into a MIG plane or multiple rocket launcher.
Category: Documentary
Format: Beta SP
Duration: 8 min
Production date: August 1992
Ismet Arnautalic / Zdravko Grebo
Editing: Bojan Mulic
Camera: Sulejman Klokoci / Haris Hadzalic
Screenplay: Zdravko Grebo
Director: Zdravko Grebo
© 2014 Ismet Nuno Arnautalic