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A retired couple has made into a new apartment in the eve of the war. At the very beginning of the war, fleeing the Chetniks, they have been forced to leave their newly acquired flat. With the first quiet days, the husband decides to run the risk of going to the no man's land, where their apartment is now, to see what had happened with it and, if possible, to rescue some things. Showered with sniper bullets he succeeds in his undertaking. What he brings back is a suitcase full of photos that remind him and his wife of the happy old days. After the end of war they came back to their ruined flat, and start over their life from the beginning.
Category: Documentary
Format: Beta SP
Duration: 18 min
Production date: June 1994
Ismet Arnautalic / Ademir Kenovic
Editing: Almir Kenovic / Ismet Arnautalic
Fuad Mulahasanovic
Miroslav Benkovic
Miroslav Benkovic
Miroslav Benkovic
© 2014 Ismet Nuno Arnautalic