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In the village environment in its daily routine the tree boys and deaf-mute girl Gisela are playing and guarding cows. One day they learn that a film is coming to a local cinema theatre in the 26th minute of the film is a scene with a woman getting undressed. They go to the cinema. But, only the oldest boy is allowed to enter the cinema. The others stay outside. They wait for the 26th minute and try to see the naked woman through the hole in the roof. Tomorrow there is a dispute what each of them saw in the 26th minute. This is a film about growing up.

Category: A short film
Format: 35 mm
Duration: 16 min
Production date: 1991
Music: Boris Bacvic
Costumes: Sanja Dzeba
Production manager:
Mensud Arslanovic
Cast: Gordana Boban / Elvir Gluhonjic / Rifat Kukic / Aleksandar Begovic
Editing: Andrija Zafranovic
Sound: Davor Haler
Milenko Uherka
Screenplay: Dusko Trifunovic /
Nedzad Begovic
Nedzad Begovic

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