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I'm born on 15th June 1961 in Sarajevo. I finished  Academy of Performing Arts, section acting in Sarajevo. In this school, I’m teaching subject Speech, for already many years. I’m a member of the National theatre in Sarajevo, drama department. During my long professional career, I had experience in all medias. I worked a lot for TV and radio. I did many TV series in which I made very popular parts. In theatre, I played in all genres, from tragic and drama to comedies. Some of performances were very successful. I also have a lot of experience in film; some of them were presented on big world film festivals. I also did a lot of public speeches, like promotions, conferences, reading of poetry etc.
Very important part of my life is humanitarian work and spiritual practice. I have recorded musical CD and as a singer I preformed on concerts and other kind of programs.

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