SaGA Production - Sarajevo

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This is a documentary film made in the fall od 1992. in a military prison in Sarajevo, where a group od journalists, including John Barnes of the New York Times,  were introduced to Borislav Herak, a young man in  JNA uniform, and the first person in fifty years to be charged with the crime of genocide. His confession, full of intricate details, are almost unfathomable to the normal human mind  painting a  striking picture of the atrocities committed in Bosnia and usually classified by the press using  that specially coined phrase "ethnic cleansing".
After having served his prison sentence, Borislav Herak was released in 2012. 
Category: Documentary
Format: Beta SP
Duration: 30 min
Production date: November 1992
Sound: Almir Kenovic
Ismet Arnautalic / Ademir Kenovic
Cast: Borislav Herak
Editing: Almir Kenovic
Camera: Mirsad Herovic
Collaborators: Pjer ┼Żalica /
Antonije Zalica
Director: Ademir Kenovic /
Ismet Arnautalic
© 2014 Ismet Nuno Arnautalic